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Dog Training


Training your dog

Learning how to train your dog can be alot of fun! It will allow you to live with your dog and enjoy everyday activities without life being disrupted by an untrained dog with no manners. Our training programs are held in-doors all year round. We have a variety of programs to fit your needs or the personalized needs of your dog.

Method of Training

Our method for training uses the basic understanding of a dog, positive association and negative associations. Teaching your dog new good habits, and changing or replacing bad habits with new ones!




Group Classes

Our group classes are designed to teach you and your dog the basic techniques and commands to successfully train your dog. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels which will teach commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Heel. Each 1 hour class is held in the evenings on weekdays for 5 weeks. The cost of a 5 week group is $100 plus sales tax.

Private Lessons
Our private lessons are personalized for each owner and dog's particular problems or personal needs. Each session is 30 minutes and are one on one in a private setting. The cost is $40 plus sales tax per session.


Day Training
The Day Training program is a "jump-start" program for owners wanting to have their dog trained while participating in the daycare program. Commands taught are Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Heel. The program consists of 2 consecutive weeks of Day Training (Monday- Friday) and one follow up lesson with the owner at the end of training.
The dog and owner will also be allowed to participate in group Intermediate and Advanced Class free of charge to continue training. Cost of program is $800 plus sales tax and additional daycare charges. (Daycare rates vary)


New Obedience Classes forming!!

Beginner Obedience Class
Start date: -September 12th, and October 16th
Time: 7:15pm to 8:15pm
In this 5-week session we will cover the 5 basic commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Down and Heel. We will also cover some common behavior problems. The cost of the class is $100 plus tax. All dogs will be required to wear a training collar. We have the training collars for sale for $6 plus tax. This class will help your dog learn some basic manners and help owners have better control of their dogs on lead.

Intermediate Class
Start Date: TBA

Time: 7:15pm- 8:15pm
Anyone who has completed Beginner Obedience with us is welcome to join! (Or can be evaluated prior to joining) This 5 week course will take all the basic commands and begin working with them with the leash out of our hands. This is the first step to getting your dog to respond off leash. There will be fun new activities and a new command as well!. The cost is $100 plus sales tax. Dogs are required to use the training collars they used in Beginners.